We dearly love and support all of our young friends that have taken ownership of Selective Eating Disorder and are proud of you all !!

A special artistic friend Tillie, 11 from Balsall Common has been through the doors at KLC Coventry and to KLC Harley Street taking ownership and blogging about what it is like as a young person that suffered with anxiety and the related somatic conditions.

Somatic conditions can be cured via CBH and are as a result of human propensity to worry or predict negativity. Often we will automatically take out children to the GP (trained in Medicine) which will mask a somatic condition and create further side effects rather than a

Please follow Tillies WOW her words of wisdom on facebook are there to help you and your children to understand and cope with the manic somatic conditions that we develop when we are stressed.

David being a loving father himself has a great rapport with children and younger adults, this is the way forward

Get in touch if you want to develop confidence also Hypnocise for children is available to counteract the effects of bullying with our good friends of the KLC true gentleman Russell and silky Markus the pro boxers at the Toe2Toe gym www.toe2toegym.co.uk