Emily’s achievements posted on Social Media

Emily says: ” Today I conquered my fears – quite literally! I had a two hour therapy session with this gentleman David Kilmurry for emetophobia (fear of being sick). I’ve had this fear since as long as I can remember and it’s dominated much of my every day life, but now I am ready to let go and be fear-free. Thank you very much to David and also to Zoe […]

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Tillie: The Story

We dearly love and support all of our young friends that have taken ownership of Selective Eating Disorder and are proud of you all !! A special artistic friend Tillie, 11 from Balsall Common has been through the doors at KLC Coventry and to KLC Harley Street taking ownership and blogging about what it is like as a young person that suffered with anxiety and the related somatic conditions. Somatic […]

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