Rachel Khan

Equestrian enthusiast & Mum of six has done so very well since becoming a happy ex smoker and recovering from her smoking addiction.

I knew giving up smoking would be a struggle but being diagnosed with emphysema and having younger and older children and a granddaughter on the way I wanted to go stop smoking for my family an and for myself to improve my health ,so I decided to try hypnotherapy I was not sure if this would work for me but I knew that i really wanted it to .

David was great and I am so glad i made the decision to see him I am now 10 month smoke free and loving life so much happier . I have more energy to do more with the children and my horse now ,cant believe my sense of smell and how my taste buds have changed . I wish more people would give it a go and give up smoking those who think I cant do it… YOU CAN DO IT!