Nikki Grant

Diets don’t work!

There you go- have that!!! I’ve said it, what you ALL Know!

They don’t! Your GP who has never suffered a bad relationship with food told you to try WW or SW when you were suffering the loss of a parent or went through Family Court in silence and in a 15 minute slot you told them you were overweight (he didn’t seem to have enough time for you to explain.

So you went with optimism to diet group met some hardened strugglers that talked the talk and sneaked to the chippy after starving themselves for 24 hours prior to #patroniserweighinday with ‘Fat Pat’ on hand to criticise you!

The basic instinct of the Sub Conscious IS survival and deprivation doesn’t make sense to us. Deorivatory diets create an Inner Gremlin a cheeky one at that that convinces you to eat quickly that you never feel full, that you have an addictive personality, thAt you can’t stop, and that you LOVE Food, that you are not a Gym person, that you hate rabbit food or fresh salad and that Diet Cola is in some way beneficial in becoming healthy. This is all a misnomer, and, comes from depriving yourself, thinking about food too much (except when you eat it) and the body carrying around the mid drift (we are learning caveman famine mode- we eat quick untasted unprocessed lumps to feel fuller for longer.

In Buddhist countries Dieting is not very widely accepted, the life expectancy is higher than that of the western world. Some of these countries are third world.


Eating and masticating your food with ‘Mindfull Consumption’ is based on Buddhist philosophy – think about how many religious rituals involve the taking of a small piece of food or drink the bread and wine the cleansing baptism of water the Chinese tea ceremony where a whole ceremony surrounds the stirring and mindful pleasantness of preparing a Tea and relaxing with it. The preparation of harvest the dinner prayer the thanking of god and closing of the eyes to show gratefulness, that goes out the window with Dieting we become totally desperate to get it into our bellies.

Time is taken to absorb food in religions, within three weeks of our proven tested mastication mindfull metabolism speeding session this will be your fast track to a healthy system.

All support & aftercare provided.

If you are looking for change?

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It’s harder & more stressful to maintain your weight and yo-yo diet than to become a food lover- trim people taste!

Learn How to drop weight the Easyweigh like our superstar Nikki Grant who dropped hers simply and without a deprivation diet in mind!

Yet ANOTHER Newsworthy result from a lovely mum & council worker from the Midlands, England:

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