Mandy Prior

Thankyou so much!!

I can’t thank David enough!

I had insomnia for a few months not sleeping at all in all that time. I was desperate because it was affecting every part of my life, I couldn’t work, drive etc. I had pills off the doctor which when finished I still had insomnia.

I also have had anxiety/panic attacks for just under 40 years, something I never thought would get better. When a friend recommended David I was sceptical and didn’t have much hope but I couldn’t have been more wrong, David is my hero absolutely amazing, he has literally turned my life around!

Within a few sessions my sleeping gradually got better and I am now sleeping better than ever before & we are in the process of working on my anxiety and already I feel so much happier like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel so positive for the future.

David is such a kind & often funny ( in a nice way ) man, has always right from the start made me feel at ease, infact I feel like I’ve known him years not just a couple of months and I totally trust him 100percent!

I would definitely recommend him with no he

Thankyou so much David for putting up with me!

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