Kelly Borras

In January of 2016 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The PTSD was due to being in a relationship with my partner at the time that was destructive on every level! It was a cohesive control relationship,  emotionally, mentally and sexually. The abuse didn’t stop at that I was drugged by the very person that I thought loved me.

On October the 1st 2015 I was raped by my perpetrator, my hair was ripped out as a result of the rape. I was left severely traumatized and shaken by the incident. The trauma that I suffered meant that I could not recall all the  events of the night of the 1st of October. I went to the Doctors  and was medicated with a cocktail of prescription drugs, this is standard treatment for any individual that has suffered from Domestic Violence and rape.

Over the following months my medication was increased and I had a short therapy session through the NHS. My memory from that night still hadn’t  come back. On the 18th of August I received a phone call to say that the CPS were dropping  my case, in part due to my diagnosis of PTSD even though the perpetrator had been named on my mental health notes as the reason I had PTSD. At this point my world fell apart.

I was put in touch with Domestic Abuse survivor and campaigner Zoe Dronfield who began to support me, through Zoe and the charity IWMM. I then met Dr David Killmurry, with the safe guidance of David Killmurry I gradually came off of my medication. I then had two session at his Harley Street Practice, this involved CBT therapy and hypnosis. The results have been ground breaking, the gaps of information from the night of the 1st of October are back, I am now able to give a clear account of the night of the rape. This has now resulted in my case potentially being reopened by the CPS. Meaning that I might finally get some justice for what my perpetrator did to me. Dr David Killmurry has been working on my confidence with Hypnozise  therapy, I have been attending sessions at toe to toe boxing gym, I can now say I have been in a cage and am confident in pad work. I have now found my voice and confidence through the boxing sessions.

Through Zoe Dronfield and David Killmurry  support, I am now speaking out publicly to help empower other survivors of domestic violence and rape to speak out and get the support and justice that they deserve  no means no! Im not only talking out about what happened to me, I’m looking at starting a charity next year to support survivors of rape and sexual abuse.