Blaire Leahy

A loving mum of two beautiful little girls has finally ended her long battle with insomnia,

Partner Leighton had suggested hypnotherapy after being worried about her sleeping tablets and in and out of light sleep.

Blaire had gone through a traumatic birth with her first and this had left her with PTSD this developed into full blown insomnia for the last four years has not slept.

Pleased to announce of Facebook to her friends that she had made it without tablets the support has been amazing.

At the Coventry practice we have been inundated with enquiries this week for arachnophobia (thanks to certain headlines) and now insomnia as the popular lady from coventry a friends rush to book in.

Sufferers of insomnia are in and out of ‘hypnogogic’ state not fully awake or asleep, hypnotherapy and CBT combined are a known cure to increase the depth of sleep and the awareness when awake.

We wish Blaire and her family a wonderful future.